CruxialCIO delivers usable information and instruction to senior business and technology executives who crave reporting and analysis that they can act on, immediately.

Its core audiences:

CIOs and other senior-level technologists who have to think like CEOs and business executives. These include CIOs, CTOs, System Managers, Project Managers, Data Center Managers, Vice Presidents of IT and IT Directors.

CEOs and other senior-level business executives who have to specify, purchase and then use information systems to achieve organizational strategies and goals. These include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, strategic business unit heads, vice presidents and leaders of core business functions such as manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities allow you to put your brand front and center before the current and next generation of Cruxial players in both business and technology in organizations which recognize digital systems are the engines of their results.

CruxialCIO launched in September 2013 and is offering charter rates and discounts through the end of the year.

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