Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder has announced in a news conference on Tuesday, Sept 15, that he is shipping his Blue Origin space business in Cape Canaveral. He plans to test his rockets by sending satellites first, then people can try them next. He predicts that the first launching will be by the end of the decade, but said more details will be given next year. 

Bezos has kept people updated with its tweets confirming of the announcement and providing updates of its space business, Blue Origin. The company will open a manufacturing centre because it will eventually build the rockets and test them there. 
Bezos plans to compete with fellow billionaires as a few startup space companies like Elon Musk's Space X has already begun operations in the area. These other companies are backed by other equally wealthy entrepreneurs such as Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) and Richard Branson (Virgin Group CEO). 

During the press conference, Bezos has mentioned that the process is going to be competitive. However, he also identified the advantages of the move, which includes geographical, large pool of technical talent, and more jobs for the people in the area. If the project becomes successful, Amazon will not have a hard time shipping large items such as vehicles through their new air transportation.

Bezos plans to invest around $200 million in the new space company for the next five years. The US space industry needs more monetary and technical resources to assist in its space travel ventures and Bezos' move comes at the right time.

If the ambitions of Amazon's founder will be sustained, his vision concludes in "people living and working in space", said Bezos at the conference. Blue Origin has been officially started in 2000 but it didn't get much publicity, although people know that Bezos is the man behind the famous e-commerce giant, Amazon. The company has definitely taken the time and money to get it going, but Bezos hopes to pursue it as "his passion is for space" but opens the possibility of making it a "viable business."