The iPad Pro has been designed to work with a stylus, the Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard. It is built with a full range of useful features and with its big screen it has found its way to convince people that it may be a great replacement to the laptop or PC.

According to a Cio report, the new tablet has been revealed on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Apple claims it to have a processing power that is as powerful as most handy PCs in the market.

Rakuten Marketing's CEO, Rohinee Mohindroo has said that she believes the iPad Pro could be a potential laptop replacement with its big size, smart keyboard and stylus pen. It can be used by employees to show clients their presentations and that will prove to be useful. The existence of the keyboard and the Apple Pencil has made it more appealing as their features are beneficial to the users.

Meanwhile, Creative Solutions in Healthcare CIO, Shawn Wiora has expressed that the new tablet has already been in the nursing home provider's roadmap because its multi-million pixel screen can provide better care for the patients. Presently, caregivers are using the new iPad Pro in charting the conditions of patients.

Michael Sajor, a CIO of an internet-based education company has expressed his concern that the iPad Pro may be too big for the sales staff to carry but it may be useful to students who can hardly afford a new Macbook.

On the other hand, a few IT leaders have been on the other side of the debate in the iPad Pro's ability to get into the corporate environment. They have cited the following as its risks and limitations in the world of business: security, connectivity, deployment costs and the availability or lack of Apple's commitment to the business IT. Other users have claimed that the iPad can't handle longer documents as well as other heavy-duty tasks.