Etsy has started inviting individual artisans and manufacturers to join their new marketplace, the Etsy Manufacturing in its blog post on Sept. 14. The move was made with the hope to build a new kind of market that connects designers, sellers, and manufacturers where they all collaborate with each other and be responsible partners practicing values in everything that they do.

According to Heather Jassy, author of the Etsy blog announcement, the company has changed its policies, modifying it from a market built only for artisans to a market for all -- artisans, designers, sellers, and manufacturers. As long as they practice the values of the company, they are welcome to join the Etsy market.

For a long time, the ten year old company has been known as a marketplace that caters to handcrafted suppliers. However, in 2013, it changed its policies to allow mass manufacturers to join the artisans and designers in the Etsy market.

The move seems to dilute the artisan market for handmade products as they are now in competition with the big companies leaving them behind with almost little market for their products. Some artisans have expressed concerns that an unfair competition is evolving with them versus the big-sized companies.

Etsy understands all the concerns and has addressed them in its blog. Etsy Manufacturing aims to " empower sellers to construct their businesses and lives in ways that work best for them, " said Jassy. The company believes that as a part of the lives of their sellers, growing responsibly is a part of their goal in life. The new move partially addresses their concerns. Though it may just be one of the many, they will ultimately find the right path to grow their businesses.

The latest venture of the company hopes to promote responsible manufacturing by insisting that their sellers and manufacturers embody the "principles of authorship, responsibility and transparency".  Etsy has been guiding them in the past two years and they are determined to continue doing so.