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    Companies are shutting down and consolidating their data centers across the globe to rid themselves of excess capacity, cut energy costs, and build out new, cloud-ready and green infrastructures. Benefits are real, but so are pitfalls. Organizations should prepare carefully. Or, data can be lost in transit.
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    The nation’s stock markets are the epitome of real-time markets. Every second, three million or more messages get sent on buy or sell orders, cancellations and the like. Yet, since the Flash Crash of May 6, 2010, the markets have been plagued by epic technical disasters. The industry is struggling with how to find ways to make an increasingly complicated, interconnected real-time market reliable, when billions of dollars are at stake every microsecond.
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    The inability to get heavy, expensive medical equipment to remote regions paves the way for one of the most portable and affordable alternatives: The multimedia mobile phone.