Ford Motor Company through its Ford Trucks YouTube video has revealed earlier today its new 2017 Ford Super Duty as the toughest of all its vehicles. The new model has been completely redesigned with a new frame consisting of steel and aluminium-alloy that has saved up on its weight.

The video showed a remarkable new car that has been trimmed fat and ready for the 2017 model year. Ford has announced the new lineup of the F-Series Super Duty trucks made up of 95 per cent steel and 5 per cent aluminium. Aside from that, it is 350 pounds less than the current model and Ford has tightened up its core which has made it 24 times stiffer compared to the recent F-Series.

Ford offers additional features such as LED lighting, lane departure warning and blind spot detection. It will offer three engines for the latest model, namely, a 6.2L V8 gas, a 6.7L V8 diesel, and a 6.8L V10. There has been no word for the fuel economy yet.

A new high-technology feature of the new 2017 Super Duty is the 360-degree camera system. The driver can see the truck from a view up above. This is made possible with the use of downward-facing cameras situated outside the truck. The car's computer software helps create an aerial image of the truck and the surroundings. Although this feature is common to luxury cars, this is the first time that a heavy-duty truck is sporting this feature, according to Ford.

The car will also have a remote-release tailgate so that the driver can open the tailgate even if he is inside the car. He doesn't need to get out anymore to do it.

The new 2017 Super Duty will be available on sale next fall.