Hewlett-Packard’s Financial Services division has announced new financing options to help companies migrate to a cloud-computing platform.

HP introduced Accelerated Migration to Cloud, which helps companies establish a way to retire and upgrade IT infrastructure. It allows companies to form a timeline on migrating to the cloud.

Maintain transparency on vendor contracts. Go with investment options that are scalable to changing IT infrastructure.

HP purchases customers’ assets and leases them back to customers to fund the transition. Customers’ assets are upgraded when customers make the move to the cloud.

HP wants to help companies finance their cloud platforms.

With cloud computing becoming an important part of IT infrastructure, companies will need ways to finance the migration.

“The uncertainty associated with transitioning to cloud, mobile, big data and BYOD will require enterprises to plan and build their IT investment strategies differently,” Susan Middleton, research director for technology financial strategies at IDC, said in a statement. 

“Most importantly, CIOs and CFOs should have a detailed conversation with their vendors about the expected costs of unforeseen events,” Middleton said in a Q&A with HP.

Investment plans should be scalable and flexible to support rapid changes in IT assets and life cycles, Middleton said.

The company also introduced Pre-Provisioning Solution, a program that allows HP equipment to be delivered with a company paying for it down the road. Customers pay when the equipment is deployed and activated.

Meanwhile, the company introduced Converged Systems Financing, which offers an investment strategy to support a complete IT life cycle with single monthly payments.

Another new plan, Moonshot Financing, offers a financing deal for HP’s software-defined Moonshot Web server. The program offers a predictable monthly payment structure that scales according to IT capacity needs.

“We take a collaborative approach to ensure customers have the technology and financial flexibility they require to effectively meet current and future business needs,” Irv Rothman, CEO of HP Financial Services, said in a statement. 

HP announced its new financing options a week before its Discover conference, which runs Dec. 10-12 in Barcelona.