Google is expected to launch its new range of smartphones on Sept. 29 in San Francisco. According to Android Police, among the products to be introduced is the Huawei Nexus 6P, which comes three inbuilt storage variants at 32GB, 64GB  and 128GB. If it is true, Nexus 6P is the first Nexus gadget that offers a huge storage of up to 128GB.

Nexus 6 arrived last year in its 32GB and 64GB variants. This year, high-end phones that have been released start at 32GB. Knowing this, it is not surprising that everyone is talking about the  new Huawei-made Nexus phone and its leaked images have been leaked in the past few weeks since the company has created a device at a very high capacity.

The increase in storage capacity will also raise the prices at US$50 (or about AU$71) to US$100 (approximately AU$143). There has been no news as regards to LG's predecessor to Nexus 5 and the previous rumours and leaks haven't mentioned anything about an expandable storage so most probably, we can expect the same low storage capacities of 16GB and 32GB from LG.

Other rumours on the controversial Nexus 6P phone is that it will be all metal with QHD resolution and 5.7 inch display on the front.  It will house Snapdragon 810 chip and will have a fingerprint sensor at the back.

All of these are still pre-launch rumours and some of the information that has been on the news may be inaccurate. We have one week to wait to confirm the official details. It will be interesting to know the prices of these new smartphones. People think that LG's previous Nexus was a good value for their money, but the new Huawei Nexus would probably be no less than a conventional flagship in terms of its cost and specs.