IBM on Monday introduced several new software packages and a consulting service aimed at helping businesses use Big Data and analytics to better manage their workforces.

The software is all cloud-based, while the new Talent and Change consulting practice will connect HR managers with subject matter experts in workforce optimization, retention, and recruiting.

“Most successful organizations already view people as their most important differentiator in the market, yet many struggle to unlock the true potential of their workforce” said Debbie Landers, general manager for Smarter Workforce and Kenexa at IBM.

“The new offerings give clients a more holistic, data-driven approach that uses workforce science to predict the best fit for an individual or team across a number of personal and organizational traits,” said Landers, in a statement.

The software modules include:

  • IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring: Gives business leaders access to workforce analytics and behavioral assessments to understand individual, job, team and organizational traits that define top performers.  These dynamic profiles help ensure the right candidates are hired and effectively deployed.
  • IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness: Enables clients to assess current workforce readiness to address existing and emerging business demands.  It combines industry skills frameworks, role-based competency testing, project management tools and consulting services for greater precision in role and team design.  
  • IBM Kenexa Predictive Retention: Guards against future talent attrition by helping organizations compile and analyze high-volume workforce data – from exit interviews to real-time SaaS-based employee analysis – to understand risk factors, identify employees likely to leave and build new programs to reduce the risk of attrition.  

IBM’s new Talent and Change practice, meanwhile, offers HR execs access to 1,600 change-management experts, and more than 100 behavioral scientists “dedicated to helping clients use social, analytics and digital experience technologies to identify top performers, evaluate workforce readiness, and guard against future talent attrition,” IBM said.

The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network is piloting the new offerings.

The organization, which helps returning military veterans and their spouses find careers, is using Smarter Workforce to match individuals with opportunities. To date, it has helped find employment for more than 20,000 military spouses and 8,000 transitioning veterans.

“With the volume of individuals we actively serve at one time, the IBM Smarter Workforce solution is unique in its ability to manage caseloads, track metrics and outcomes, and report findings to ensure service members and their families are  getting what they need,” said Stacy Bayton, the group’s chief operating officer.

IBM launches Big Data tools and services for HR managers.

In addition to its own offerings, IBM has also partnered with HR management specialist Workday.

Separately, consulting firm KPMG on Monday said it had acquired the Workday consulting practice from AXIA Consulting.