IBM has introduced security software that lets companies protect PCs against malicious Java applications.

Trusteer Apex, introduced May 21, is the latest addition to IBM's Threat Protection System, which uses security intelligence and behavioral analytics to stop malware infections.

The Java software platform is the target of half of the cyberattacks against applications, according to IBM's latest X-Force security report. Java applications are found in PCs and mobile devices.

Apex will prevent the execution of Java applications based on an assessment of application trust and activity risk, according to IBM.

Block the execution of Java applications on Web browsers to avoid malware infections on laptops.

The product also contains anti-phishing technology. Phishing is when a hacker sends an email designed to trick the recipient into clicking on a malicious attachment. Apex is designed to identify such malware and block it.

Apex also stops key methods used by attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and install malware.

"Through extensive research, IBM has identified specific stages of the attack chain where cybercriminals have relatively few options to execute their malicious content," Yaron Dycian, vice president of marketing, products and services at IBM Trusteer, said in a statement.

IBM launches PC software for blocking malicious threats in Java applications.

Other features include preventing employees from reusing corporate credentials on untrusted sites, such as social networks. Apex also blocks untrusted communication channels that could be used by malware to communicate with a hacker's command and control server.

Companies that find suspicious activity on their networks can offload the analysis of the related program to IBM's Trusteer threat analysis service. The service can then provide protection recommendations.

IBM has more than 70,000 vulnerabilities categorized in its database, which is based on intelligence fed from more than 100 million endpoints, the company said. The information is used to collect security updates that can be automatically distributed to corporate laptops and desktops.

Apex integrates with other IBM security software, including QRadar and Endpoint Manager.

IBM's Threat Protection System was built using technology the company acquired in its purchase of Trusteer last year for about $1 billion. Trusteer was an Israeli software developer specializing in cybersecurity and fraud prevention.