Samsung has announced on Thursday, Sept. 24, that its new VR headset from Samsung will be coming to the market in November and will be sold at half the price of the previous model.  Peter Koo, VP of Samsung made the announcement during the Oculus Rift developers' conference.  To make Samsung Gear VR work, there is a need to use the most recent versions of Samsung smartphone on the headset.

Both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift will be valued at US$99 (approximately AU$141) as announced by Wall Street Journal Twitter handle, @WSJD. Samsung Gear SR claims to be an easy access to virtual reality content. The lenses of the new gear divide the on-screen images to guide them directly to the eye which is necessary for a 3D effect.

The phone handles the gear's head tracking and most other functions. There is a need for a new headphones, which wouldn't be hard with the affordable Gear VR price. Koo has mentioned that the company purposely intended the price to be cheap to make VR a mainstream for all. The new Samsung Gear VR is twenty two percent lighter, more comfortable and has improved controls.



The target market is the video game lovers who connect with major studios and game engine producers with the aim of immersing players in the virtual world. Minecraft, a popular online game created by Swedish Mojang will be launching into the VR world together with Rift next year.

Oculus Rift will be ready in early 2016 yet and we can expect  HTC's Vive will also be made available next year. Oculus has also announced its alliance with Netflix and Twitch that allow viewers to stream a 360-degree video while watching movies.