Volkswagen could have picked up a better time to introduce its new Passat but it went on with the celebration held on Monday night, Sept. 21. The company pursued the launching of its latest sedan amidst the talks involving the development of its diesel cars that weren't really that clean.

There has been a complete revamp of the new vehicle as it seems the giant carmaker has learned some lessons along the way and applying them in its latest 2016 Passat sedan. Volkswagen of America president Michael Horn admitted its mistake with EPA, the California Air Resources Board, and its consumers. “We’ve totally screwed up.” Horn said, but will “fix those cars,” so that the company can “make it right.”

With the new Passat, consumers will be able to enjoy its interior that is now packed with a modern touchscreen infotainment system. In the past, Volkswagen has paid no interest in new innovations, but now the interior layout of its latest model has improved compared to the previous models. It seems the company has cozied up to the new technologies.

The dashboard has a MIB II system with capabilities and features that are similar to the recent smartphones. The infotainment is making it possible for more enhancements as the revised Passat now offer Apple's CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. Volkswagen has definitely decided to make a major shift.

Eventually, there will be a diesel version with 2.0L turbo diesel of an  undisclosed horsepower when the stop-sale of the affected engines will be lifted. Passat TDI will offer a manual transmission.

Volkswagen has successfully proven that its customers prefer the sporty appearance so it is introducing the R-Line for its Passat. They will have larger wheels and tires that are suited for high speeds.

Additionally, the new vehicle has an automated post-collision braking system. It auto engages the brakes when there is an initial collision, thereby preventing further additional damage.

The 2016 Passat (1.8L) comes with a price tag of US$22,440 (approximately AU$31,913). Prices of other models will come toward the end of the year.