Marketing Technology Vendors Emma And Emarsys Arrive In Australia To Deliver Their Products And Services To Its Mid-MarketMarketing OS's People Product Development Sales Security Smart Data Strategy 

Marketing Technology Vendors Emma And Emarsys Arrive In Australia To Deliver Their Products And Services To Its Mid-Market

Marketing Technology Vendors
Companies such as DealsDirect and Booktopia in Australia can benefit from Emma and Emarsys in their marketing efforts to engage their customers. Reuters

Emarsys’ B2C marketing cloud together with Emma, an email marketing software company, have arrived in Australia to help the middle marketers personalise better their  marketing messages as well as engage its customers. The two companies have showcased their technology capabilities and claimed that their solutions can meet the needs of the specific market sector.

Emma is based from the United States and has been existing for over a decade. It has about 45,000 clients all over the globe and about 350 customers in the Asia-Pacific most of which come from New Zealand and Australia. This year, it has opened its first international marketing software office in Melbourne to help serve their customers and clients.

Mid-market is the point where marketers desire to use a feature that have been adopted by bigger companies, but at a level that will benefit them most. Emma has established itself with its dedicated marketing team that focuses on driving cpa business goals.

Emarsys helps create a personalised  interaction  between e-commerce sites and its customers with its B2C Marketing Cloud. The new Cloud combines prediction, personalization, automation and analytics to engage customers in a more lasting relationship with the companies and to boost the company’s sales. Among the Australian e-commerce sites patronizing Emarsys are Ensogo, Yahoo7, Crazysales and

According to Zway Yee, Co-Founder of Emarsys has been a great help to the business in its operations. The company has automated their email campaigns and Emarsys has helped them save time and resources. He admires the company’s outstanding support and the pleasant disposition of its staff.

With Emma as a provider of the best email marketing software and Emarsys being a great help to the productivity of businesses, Search engine optimization and marketing technology companies will definitely help Australian mid-marketers boost their presence in the mid-market.

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