After being in a closed beta since January, the new social platform for work from the biggest social networking site is soon to be used at the offices in many companies. The Facebook at Work interface looks similar to the Facebook that we are using so there shouldn't be much difficulty in learning the ins and outs of the new platform dedicated for work.

Facebook has started the new interoffice network for 15 months but until now, the exact date of launching is still vague. However, the pilot program is soon to end, and Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook at Work, has told  Re/Code that it will most likely be launched end of this year with the freemium version being made available.

In its closed beta stage, more than a hundred companies have tested the program. Among these companies are Heineken, Linio online shopping site and Hootsuite Media, a social media analytics company. Codorniou monitors the adoption of the enterprise platform and hopes that it will be fully functional in its best condition in a few months from now. 

The Facebook company has used this platform for years and it has been effective in communicating, sharing and collaborating content through a mobile app and not through an email. Just like the existing Facebook platform, the Facebook at Work will also contain news feed, messages, groups and events. However, this will be on a company/professional level and will not be part of the employees' personal accounts.

Codorniu has told Re/code that the freemium will, of course, be free as a start, but there will be some options that can be offered for a fee. He further added that Heineken's executives have been using it since its beta and plan to roll it out to all its employees by the end of September.
Rumours have it that the introduction of social media and its tools to the organizational structure will entail a big change in the way people work. 

However, the adoption to Facebook at Work has been limited so this remains to be seen. On the other hand, Facebook is positive that the new work platform can succeed.