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Marketers Are Learning To Unlock The Value Of Their Data In Real-Time

Data Analytics
Real-time Marketing with Data Analytics are the latest trends in marketing nowadays. Pictured, an exhibitor explains the usage of big data analytics at the booth of IBM during preparations for the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, March 9, 2014. Reuters

Marketers in organizations have realized the value of real-time advertising and are now increasingly interested in Big Data and in using them while the opportunity is still there. The concept of real-time marketing (RTM) which is reacting at a relevant and timely moment has become the latest marketing trend. With the world going fast and consumers always on the go, the marketing campaigns need to keep up.

With RTM, companies need to make sure that their data is clean and are correct in real-time so that they can interact with customers at the right time. Some vendors offer RTM through an API (application programming interface) so that you can be alerted when there is an opportunity. According to DataMentors’ Director of Marketing, Larisa Bedgood, there are four strategies that can help keep your data accurate and ready for use at all times:

1. Enhance the profile of your customers or prospects by accessing another data system through an API. Through the API, you can append other important information about your customers such as their gender, occupation, status, lifestyle, and more. The more information you have, the more chances of conversion.

2. Comply with the consumer-protection laws and ensure that your data is in legal compliance and away from the risk of hefty fines. Examples of these are opt-out links in email marketing messages, adherence to Do Not Call (DNC) files and strict compliance to the CAN-SPAM.

3. Verify manually entered information through the use of a real-time data verification process. Among these processes are the verification of phone numbers against a directory assistance and the confirmation of postal addresses by making sure they conform to USPS standards.

4. Identify your current or prospective customers with their phone numbers, email address or postal address with the use of a real-time data identification service.

Tons of Big Data are being brought in for fiercer competitiveness. There is no doubt that the big data analytics and RTM play a very significant role in the marketing industry.

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