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New iOS Mobile App Reaches Out To MongoDB University Students

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Data professionals are now busy and finding their time to improve their learning with mobile apps that can be used for training while they are on-the-go. Reuters

MongoDB, a NoSQL database technology, introduced the various uses of its technology, including a new MongoDB University app specifically for iOS that permit cbt professionals to learn and train on-the-go at an event held in New York City on Sept. 24.

Professionals nowadays have busy careers and the application reflects the latest education trends especially with data professionals. Ongoing learning is crucial as many of these professionals don’t have the time while they are doing their job. Real learning happens when they are on the move even when at times they don’t have Internet connectivity.

The MongoDB app allows its students to download videos and quizzes which they can study outside of the typical office hours such as in a flight or commuting. The new app can be accessed for free for both iPad and iPhone. Students can stream content as well as download them so that they can access them even if offline. These content materials consist of course videos and quizzes that can prepare the user for the MongoDB certification examinations.

MongoDB has undergone a rebranding, from serving companies in the database market and now, in the education of the MongoDB University students. During the launch at the American Museum of Natural History on Sept. 24, the CEO of the company, Dev Ittycheria has mentioned that the database market has been favourable to MongoDB.

The MongoDB apps have proven its efficacy in terms of educating its students as well as being a foundation of the eCommerce platform in which companies such as Urban Outfitters can design and release innovative applications to support the customer experience. Urban Outfitters is among the companies that has made MongoDB apps a key component of its omnichannel marketing strategy that streamlines personalized processes to build customer satisfaction.

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