Echo Global Logistics just hired Tim Kutz to be its new Chief Information Officer last May and just over a month of testing the waters, he made some changes in the systems both physically and technically. The new CIO believes that there is a lot more energy and motivation that can make a difference in the company.

One of the known changes Kutz made was moving his IT managers from their offices out into an open setting to foster better collaboration with each other and with the clientele or customers. Kutz also showed his staff, his work ethic, being so hardworking arriving at 6:30 in the morning and leaving home 12 hours after.

The new CIO hopes to inspire his colleagues in developing a better project management. Echo's IT staff uses the company's custom analytics program to help search for cost-effective space for shipment on trucks that are being handled by various transport providers.

Kutz has mentioned that the 2 billion company cannot afford to be lagging and falling behind its competitors, especially that some of the companies in the same industry have been undergoing consolidation, mergers and acquisitions since shippers are now trying to accommodate their buyers' freight demands wisely due to eCommerce.

The new CIO hopes to guide the IT staff in the development of the "killer app".  "The ability to change at will is my strategic imperative," said Kutz. The goal is to redesign the transportation system to adapt to changes in business models and respond to the rapid market development. His vision is to cut down on the software development time in creating new features from three months to eventually, six weeks.

Data analytics are "gold" for companies. If a shipper needs to know the status of its shipment, the company hopes to deliver it quickly.  To stay competitive, retailers need to know where their shipments are so that they can redirect them, rebalance their inventories or respond to the new demands, said Rich Becks, General Manager of Industry Value Chains.

According to Kutz, he hopes to make the company 'The Logistics Technology Standard'. He has witnessed the dramatic growth in the company and with more opportunities for processes, new technology and discipline, he is sure that they can make it into the 3PL of the future.