The Korean tech giant, Samsung, has gone for a giant Rubik's cube design for its new building in Silicon Valley, which was opened to the public on Thursday, Sept. 24. Back in 2013, Samsung broke ground on the 10-story construction designed by the famous architectural firm, NBBJ.

Inside the 1.1 million sq. ft. site is an area that houses 700 employees, but can accommodate up to 2,000 staff working together with Samsung's  Research & Development teams. It will also be the home of its local sales and marketing staff. The open design will foster collaboration between the staff, including those impromptu interactions that results to various great ideas.

The giant Korean company is situated itself amidst established tech giants such as Google and Facebook and it is hoped that it will further strike those innovation fires. Silicon Valley is where the familiar names in the same industry reside The new headquarter symbolizes Samsung's efforts to mingle with the same circles in the area as well as unified its scattered Valley presence.

"We are laying the groundwork for a more aggressive pace of growth over the next several decades,"  according to Samsung's Chief Executive Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon. The new campus will be the home of different research laboratories devoted to the studies of semiconductors, LEDs and displays. Almost all of Samsung's departments will be housed in the new giant building except the mobile team, which doesn't show any signs yet as of this time.

While this news is pretty big for Samsung and for Silicon Valley as well, the other good news is that Samsung makes an equally pretty huge deal on selling its new Gear VR at just US$99 (about AU$140). It's been also reported  that Twitch and Netflix will be joining Gear VR soon, too.